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In retail, possibilities for transforming the customer experience are endless. With INDOAR for retail, you can do more than creating a 360 scan where your beautiful products are presented in. You can also capture 3D virtual tours of in-store inventory and setup navigation and wayfinding for customers. This enables retailers as well as 3D photographers to create a consistent brand experience across locations and gives visitors high-quality access to products in a safe way.

INDOAR for retail opens up new ways to add value to the customer experience, increase marketing awareness, and even sales revenue. Provide indoor navigation for smart retail environments and offer additional location based product information or promotion offers with augmented reality. INDOAR can be connected to your CX-cloud solution using the stored knowledge and profile data to create the most personal consumer experience on the customers most personal device! Our solution also provides retailers with tools to easily create a virtual shopping experience connected to their already existing online-shop.

Enhance the retail experience with augmented reality information, guiding, advertising and more.

What INDOAR for Retail offers...


Easy Installation

INDOAR is based on a digital twin by Matterport, Navvis or Leica. No extra hardware infrastructure is necessary.

Easy Access & Use

Store visitors have easy access to the INDOAR retail experience by simply scanning the QR-code with their own iOS or Android Smartphone to start the App.

Product Information

Content to enhance the customer experience can be product information like text, images, audio, video. It can be retrieved from existing product information systems.

Up- & Crossselling

Finding products and providing product information including up- and cross-selling options. You can connect INDOAR to your CX-cloud solution.

Positional OCR

Recording hundreds of Point-of-Interest within the digital twin of your retail environment just became easy. Scan the article numbers with the App and the location and product information are automatically linked!

AI character

Our 3D GuideBOT avatar or a custom avatar can be created to be guiding customers to products, and provide multilingual product information!


Administrate the Point-of-Interest and product information in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your physical retail venue.

Virtual shopping

Our solution offers the possibility to easily create an amazing online shopping experience utilising INDOAR for retail for online & offline consumer experience enhancement!

If you need more information about INDOAR for retail, want to schedule a demo call or need help to identify the most valuable use case of augmented reality for you, contact us. Our ViewAR experts are happy to help you.

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Record hundreds of POI's easy & fast!

Recording hundreds of Point-of-Interest within the digital twin of your retail environment was never easier. With our Positional OCR function you can record POI's by walking around the shop and using our App to simply scan the tags, article-numbers, barcodes or whatever tag you use for referencing to a product.

INDOAR for retail, in combination with our positional OCR feature, provides a fast and easy way to record all articles in the physical retail environment, like a shop.

By using the API-integration capabilities, any existing webshop software can basically be connected to link a virtual shopping experience with your real articles on display directly to your online shop, for turning them into conversions!

Online shopping just became exciting and immersive!

Fast & easy virtual shop creation

Powerful AR features.
New opportunities for retail.


Using the latest visual positioning technology, INDOAR provides precise and robust indoor navigation without any extra hardware installations.

Hardware free

Our Integrated high-performance recognition system and a range of support in digital twin creation platforms makes it possible to support any venue size.

Any venue size

Our system offers text and voice translations for all available languages. It uses by default the language setting of the mobile device.


Choose your guide from a list of predefined characters or use your own custom character. A simple „guide-free“ navigation with arrows is also available.

3D guide

Administrate the Point-of-Interest and tours in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your physical museum Venue.

3D admin interface

Let our integrated AI chatbot answer questions that arise during your clients experience. Our system supports both voice and text in- and output.

AI chatbot

You can setup the waypoints and POIs on-site using your mobile device or through our admin interface on your computer.

Easy location setup

With our visual positioning technology, INDOAR lets you start the navigation from any position in the location.

Instant positioning

Use our comfortable JavaScript-API to easily connect your existing applications or database to our system.

API integration

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